British warship arrives in Gibraltar

The Royal Navy gunboat has docked at a British naval base off the coast of Gibraltar as a row between Madrid and London over an artificial reef simmers on.
A small crowd of flag waving locals gathered at the quayside to greet the HMS Westminster, a Type 23 frigate, as it entered Gibraltar harbour around 9.30 am local time.

“I feel very emotional, very patriotic,” exclaimed Andrea Jones as the gun-metal grey ship came into view.

“It means a lot to us Gibraltarians to have naval ships here during these troubled times,” the 46-year-old who works for an online gambling company said.

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Spanish fishermen in some 30 fishing boats were protesting on Sunday near the disputed British territory of Gibraltar, against the building of an artificial reef that has also soured relations between Madrid and London.

The Spanish fishing boats accompanied by Spanish Guardia Civil vessels were met by a Royal Gibraltar Police patrol, which cordoned off their path. They were protesting about a new artificial reef that they claim is a risk to their boats, construction of which sparked the latest diplomatic spat over the Rock’s sovereignty.

The fishermen say the reef – of around 70 concrete blocks, some with steel rods protruding – can snare their nets.

Gibraltar’s government, led by Chief Minister Fabian Picardo, says the reef protects fish stocks from being over-exploited.

But local fishermen, like Manuel Morente And Oscar Santos, complain they can no longer fish there.

“If my boat is stopped here I lose a lot of money every day. I and the fishermen who work with me, we all lose good money, between 300 and 500 euros a day,” said Santos.

The dispute has led to a spike in tension, with Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy saying he will take all legal measures to defend his country’s interests.

Spain ceded sovereignty of Gibraltar to Britain in 1713, but has persistently sought to regain the tiny southern enclave.

Sunday’s protest is being closely monitored by a dozen Spanish and Gibraltar police vessels.

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  3. You lack comprehension. The ship visits were pre-planned. Some are in a Spanish naval port to do training with the Spanish.

  4. board the fishing vessels arrest the fishermen then blow their fishing boats out of the water HAPPY DAYS ­čÖé

  5. Spain has ripped the guts out of British waters with over fishing since we joined rhe EU and Destroyed the British fishing industry so stop winging try fishing in French waters you are a load of hipocrites´╗┐

  6. @SLMO
    Are you stupid?
    The fucking British own Gibraltar by right after Spain ceded it to them in 1713. Learn your history.

  7. British brothers im spaniard ad here nobody cares about Gibraltar so dont get furious with us its a tactic of the governments Spanish and british to hide crisis

  8. looks like you need a history lesson boy. israel only exists because of britain and when was israel ever at war with britain you dumb fuck?

  9. Coming from a desert ape whose country's literacy rate is 95%… When I see that jump up, then we'll talk about being able to read.
    As for the Americans, I don't care what some of them told you. We have been allies before the state of Israel existed. We fought against and for each other. We have much more in common than Israelis ever want with the Americans.
    I'm below you? Perhaps you should look at the state your Jewish ancestors were in when Hitler was in power. You'll see how below you were.

  10. As I said you monkeys need to study your language again; it's obvious that when Americans talk about the British accent compared to American, and specially the Bostonian English, you twisted teeth wankers can't give that much of a fight, leave alone being able to read a freaking sentence properly, ha! I'm not even going to explain your flaws to you, you're way below me, any single day.

  11. Who cares if you were at war with a bunch of 7th century Arab tribes.
    We made the English language and we can do whatever we like with it.
    Colonised? Us? You make me laugh.
    If your going to insult us, at least don't use our own invention, the World Wide Web. Also if you want Gibraltar to go to Spain, why don't you return the land of Israel to the native Arabs? In fact, why don't people living on colonised land fuck off to where ever they came from. I'm sure we will all be happy.

  12. If Spain ever took Gibraltar in the economic crisis they are in right now Gibraltar would be ruined within 2 years! So no, we are not ruining Gibraltar, Spain is ruining it for themselves. And I doubt that the fish called Raon is only in Gibraltars waters, I am pretty sure there is Raon somewhere else but hey I can't prove that. If Gibraltar doesn't want Spain fishing in their waters then so be it!

  13. Ceuta y melilla no fueron nunca marroquies, pertenecen a Espa├▒a desde que existiera Marruecos

  14. dude for fucks sake its a fish called raon and they are in gibraltar and fishers only get a week to fish plus most fishers are pretty poor and spain relies on iva to keep the country and without nearly a million euros on fish sold on some days then economy goes down. aswell you brits are ruining a tradition and probably a fish taht once you try you want more. and the morocco thing is because we are helping them on some crap. you birts are just ruining gibraltar and i bet spain will take actions.

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