Commonwealth Games 2010 News

The 19th Commonwealth games are all set to be held in Delhi from October 3, 2010 to October 14, 2010. This 12 day extravaganza of sports will be India’s first hosting of commonwealth games in history. 71 nations will compete in the national capital of India for supremacy in 17 commonwealth sports. On a rough idea. Around 8000 athletes will participate in Commonwealth games 2010, which is the biggest number in any CWG till date. Delhi is also geared up to make this sport festival a grand success. To organize the sports events, a total of 13 competition venues has been selected for Commonwealth Games 2010. Besides this many practice venues have also been constructed. From infrastructure to participation, the Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010 will create new records in the history of world sports.   For this international sporting event, Delhi has underwent a complete makeover. A whopping sum of Rs 34000 crore has been spent on construction of new stadiums, renovation of old stadiums, constructing new roads, fly overs, games village, hotels etc. For comfortable accommodation of players during Commonwealth Games 2010 schedule, a world class games village has been constructed on the banks of river Yamuna. Spread over an area of 63.5 hectares, the CWG 2010 games village has 34 towers having 1,168 air-conditioned apartments. For comfortable accommodation of tourists, 53 star rated hotels and 67 general category hotels are ready to serve Indian hospitality. Besides this, Rs 100 crores have been assigned for food budget during CWG 2010. India’s premier hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi will do the catering for Commonwealth Games 2010. Regarding security, the commonwealth games 2010 will be one of the most secure games ever. A total of 50,000 security personnels including Delhi police, BSF and CRPF have been deployed for the security of venues, markets, transport etc.   The commonwealth games transport system is set to ensure swift movement of players and tourists during the events. A five tier system composed of dedicated cars, on call cabs, modern air conditioned buses, radio taxis and Metro train services makes it the best transport system in the world. Besides this, separate lanes have reserved on major routes by the names of Commonwealth games route. An enlarged army of Commonwealth games volunteers is ready to take care of everyone and represent India’s hospitality. The entire nation is ready to host India’s first ever Commonwealth Games in Delhi 2010. Get more details on Commonwealth games 2010 at http://surfindia/sports/commonwealth-games.html Find More Gibraltar News Articles

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