Latest Rock Of Gibraltar News

Tour the Rock of Gibraltar: WWII tunnels, Bond movie location and more There are few rock formations more recognizable than the Rock of Gibraltar, a towering white and green peak jutting out from Spain and up from the Mediterranean. Its location, so close to the Strait of Gibraltar and within sight of North Africa, has … Read more on CNET Inside the rock: Gibraltar's strategic and military importance is complemented … From WB Yeats to Robert Browning, Mark Twain to Daniel Defoe, Gibraltar has long inspired the cultural greats. Indeed, William Turner, the nineteenth century British artist, painted a series of scenes including the Rock and its shipping lanes without … Read more on City A.M. Company Shares of Gibraltar Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:ROCK) Drops by -3.45% Gibraltar Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:ROCK) has dropped 3.45% during the past week, however, the bigger picture is still very bullish; the shares have posted positive gains of 15.65% in the last 4 weeks. In the past week, the counter has outperformed the … Read more on OTC Outlook

Latest Gibraltar Border News

Biometric border control to secure Spain-Gibraltar crossing An Automated Border Control (ABC) solution developed by Vision-Box will be used to secure to strengthen the Spain-Gibraltar border, the company revealed in a statement. Deployed by Vision-Box for the Spanish Ministry of Interior and the National Police … Read more on Planet Biometrics Colonel John Reynolds – obituary In early 1942, he was commissioned and posted to 11th Battalion The Worcestershire Regiment but he returned to No 3 Commando later that year and served with them in Gibraltar, the North Africa campaign and the invasion of Sicily. Reynolds was wounded … Read more on Land Border between Spain and Gibraltar Reinforced Security through the … Laying on the border between Spain and the British overseas territory of Gibraltar, La Línea de la Concepción is a strategic Entry and Exit point of the Schengen area. With several thousands of people and a considerable amount of goods crossing every … Read more on Newswire Today (press release) Gibraltar's Seaborn Hotel with a five-star berth at the base of the famous Rock 'Welcome aboard sir', said the receptionist as I checked-in to the Sunborn Gibraltar. An unusual greeting from a hotel receptionist you may think, but if you bear in mind this hotel is a super yacht moored permanently at the base of the Rock, it's … Read more on Kent Online

Tax-avoidance Gibraltar firm behind anti-EU campaign group

Tax-avoidance Gibraltar firm behind anti-EU campaign group STM Fidecs's website adds: “With its recently introduced 10% tax rate for companies, its local source basis of taxation and special tax regimes available for high net worth individuals and working expatriates, Gibraltar can provide some interesting … Read more on The Guardian Tuesday Breaking: Analysts Update Gibraltar Industries Incorporated (NASDAQ:ROCK) Additionally, Gibraltar Industries Incorporated currently has a market capitalization of 786.99M. Gibraltar Industries Incorporated Reported earnings before interest, taxes, debt and amortization (EBITDA) is 75.29M. Earnings per share were -2.32. In … Read more on The Bulletin Gibraltar School District voters to decide fate of fund for building repairs A debt retirement tax of 7.33 was refinanced to a 6.83 rate, leaving a 0.5-mill difference. If voters say “no” to the ballot proposal, their tax rates will go down a small amount, but if they say “yes,” their tax rates will stay the same, and the … Read more on Southgate News Herald

The Latest Credit Crunch Victim – Secondary Schools in Crisis

A recent report at highlights that aside from the banks and shops having been affected by the recent economic crisis, the UK education system may also be suffering as a result. So when we weigh up the issues of admissions, lack in school-places, slipping standards, and exam confusion, is it time for parents to consider home schooling their children? The problem with admissions and spaces for children stretches countrywide with one in five parents recently discovering that their children did not get a place at the school they had hoped for. However, in certain areas of the country, the situation is even worse. In Kent, for example, almost a third of parents were told they would have to settle for their second choice. According to The Telegraph, the matter of numbers is not the only problem. A lack of consistency between the admission process of different types of schools is making the applying incredibly difficult, even causing some parents to lie about aspects of background or their home address to ensure their children have a chance. Of course there are factors that need to be proven for faith or specialist schools that might require your child to have attended church, or specific extra-curricular lessons. But even if you are considering sending your child to a specific comprehensive school, you may well need to live in a specific catchment area – or, at least, say you do. Of course, if a parent is considering a home learning scheme for their children, such admissions problems tend not to arise. The inclusion of specialist subjects such as religious study, or extra sciences, are at the discretion of the parents – and lessons and study can all be achieved outside of the classroom. Yet, there are more benefits of home schooling to the 21st century parent. The Telegraph also reports of slipping standards in UK schools. This is a problem that is exacerbated by lack of confidence in SATs, and the move by independent schools to get rid of government testing methods such as GCSEs. These are seen to be improving, but in reality are highlighting the overall dumb-down of the system in comparison to countries in the Far East, which are improving far more rapidly. Home schooling, of course, can avoid any issues evident within a problematic testing system and an untrustworthy bureaucracy, and is considered by most advocates to provide a better academic education. In the UK, estimated 50,000 children were home schooled in 2005 (an increase from 10,000) since 1995. And in light of recent economic developments, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was to increase significantly over the next few years. Sarah Maple is writing about online courses and how to get an online degree.


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