HMS Illustrious Sets Sail Amid Gibraltar Row – BBC News [HD]

The Royal Navy helicopter carrier HMS Illustrious has set sail from Portsmouth bound for the Mediterranean.

It is one of 10 ships taking part in the Cougar 13 deployment – which features ships departing from Portsmouth and Plymouth heading to the Mediterranean, and then on to the Gulf region to conduct military exercises.

The warship HMS Westminster is set to depart on Tuesday and is scheduled to dock in Gibraltar for a week as part of its voyage.

The exercise was pre-planned but comes at a time of increasing tensions between London and Madrid as the BBC’s Duncan Kennedy explains.

YGTV Gibraltar News Video: Swiss Asset Managers Express Potential Interest in Gibraltar

Ahead of today’s Swiss Asset management conference held on board the Sunborn Gibraltar, Minister for Financial services Albert Isola hosted a reception at Grand Battery House welcoming the 50 strong group of delegates to Gibraltar. During the evening Minister Isola thanked Phillip Canessa of the Gibraltar Finance Centre, and organisers Voxia for their work in putting together the conference.

Minister Isola touched upon the virtues and synergies of what Gibraltar and Switzerland can do together. The conference set out to detail why asset managers might decide to make Gibraltar their European home. He also set out to detail Gibraltar’s efforts in signing Tax Exchange Agreements with a number of International Governments.

During today’s conference YGTV spoke to organisers, Voxia Communications and one Swiss asset manager who sees a great deal of potential within the sector in Gibraltar…
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  1. its exactly the same as the falklands, the argentine government was crumbling and they needed something to distract the public eye away, they decided to abolish one of britain's colonies as it was closer to their mainland, uniting the country and wining the government the peoples respect, ITS EXACTLY THE SAME.

  2. bit harsh im english/ british and disagree falklands was totally different

  3. if we are not part of the EU then we don't even need to get involved…its always the British and Americans that clean other country's shit up and it needs to stop ,why risk our soldiers,and especially if there is chemical weapons,if they cant keep their self in check let the cunts kill each other!! no debate.. its not our problem

  4. You want be saying that if the war in syria and iran kicks off,It will need us all to stop it or to fight it.

  5. Battle hardened Britain vs no money spain ?? yeah the Spanish spent a billion odd to built a brand new sub 75t too heavy hahaha

  6. fuck the EU,they do nothing for Britain but drag it down

  7. man has a point , you'd be much better off without government,dam we all would lol

  8. That's because Spanish are too stupid people. I kwnow it; I was born in Madrid.

  9. Hey, buddy, take it easy! I'm spanish and I don't wanna kill britons; moreover, I like the United Kingdom. Anyway, ff the British Armed Forces eliminates our current government will be great help to us.

  10. If US and the EU stick together through this rough time we've got more chance of getting through this.

  11. Spain dont have the money to start a war and europe wont support them if they did, Germany is more Economically dependent on us than spain, Russia wouldent be arsed, France cant do sh*t cos its France;) and the rest of Europe wouldent care, It's like Argentina and the Falklands all over again they are using Gibraltar to distract the spanish from the real financial problems facing them.

  12. I hope our row with Spain will end like the fawklands did!

  13. Head line today UK considers significant legal action against Spain,
    My hope for tomorrows headline: UK Considers significant NAVAL action agasint Spain!

  14. The last thing we need is European countries fighting each other. We all know where it leads if they do. Modern Warfare III.

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