Philip Hammond is heckled by angry veterans during party conference speech

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond’s keynote speech at the Conservative Party Conference is interrupted by angry hecklers calling him to account for cuts to the Fusiliers Regiment.

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  1. Fuck off Hammond you traitor! Why is the Tory party's logo a half painted out version of the union flag? Are they trying to tell us something? And why is it in the shape of Majorca? Is it because that's where Cameron spends most of his time?

  2. So – Thats the Unemployed,Disabled,Teachers,Fire-fighters,Postal workers,the veterans …And god knows who else,that is at war with the "hard-working" party.

    Sort of cuts through the bullshit the Tories are trying to create….The fact is,they are shiting on low-paid "hard-working" families …Per usual.

    They seem to have one policy & one policy alone – Attacking & insulting those on welfare ….Which includes the disabled & working families.

  3. well done those 2 men – they get away with what they want without anyone saying anything, these 2 veterans risked life and limb for Britain and watched their friends die all for what some jumped up old student who has never worked a proper job talk rubbish about the army. ITS TIME TO GET OUT OF THE EU get some good politicians who can do the job right – Nigel Farage is the man for the job.

  4. The MoD is full of inept colonels paid a massive salary and given a cushy job after active service.This clown is a typical example.They are remarkably similar to many civil servants in ineptitude and never wanting any alteration or improvement.

  5. why is he sucking up to the army now after his beeing cutting them and their funds what a lieing muthafucker

  6. Hammond along with the rest of the Tories are a bunch of lying toads.

  7. Dis-respectful cock,if he had a tenth of the ball of those two Veterans he would have listened to them and responded

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