Spanish ship defies Royal Navy’s orders to leave Gibraltar’s waters

The Foreign Office said it had summoned the Spanish ambassador in London after the Ramon Margalef, a164ft oceanographic survey ship, defied repeated orders from British Royal Navy patrol boat HMS Sabre to leave the area.
The ship entered British Gibraltar Territorial Waters around 5pm on Monday and was still there on Tuesday afternoon.
“We are in the unpleasant situation of a stand-off,” a source from Gibraltar’s authorities told the Telegraph. “This is an incursion of the worst kind and the most serious incident since August.”
According to radio exchanges overheard by a local ship enthusiast onshore, the captain of the Spanish vessel insisted he was carrying out survey work with the permission of the Spanish government.

In this video I discuss my experience with the Mandela Effect, and discuss theories trying to explain it. Feel free to post one if I missed it!

[InformedChristians has a lot of good videos on why he thinks it’s a time issue, unless we are already in the time spiral than I am not convinced this is true, yet.] Revelations Spiral of Time:

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Berenstein Bear Anomaly – 1994

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  1. pourquoi les rosbeefs sonts si cons ,il ne saves pas que une majorité en france en espagne en allemagne ect..ect…ne les aimes pas voir les hais , chez moi dans le sud de la france c'est un sport national,je croi qu'ils sont tellement imbus de leurs conneris qu'ils sonts aveugles et sourd mais je confirme ils sentes la douleur physique !

  2. je suis content qu'ils continu la provoc c'est bien de donné des idées aux espagnols !

  3. I think they opened a singularity at CERN and it connected to a parallel reality and that created a vesica pices between the two existing parallel realities merging into a third reality that we who got merged are experiencing now. Here is some proof that seems to support this hypothesis. At first it was spelled Chik-Fil-A and the cow had a sign that said eat mor chikin, then it was Chic-Fil-A and the cow's sign said eat more chikin, now it's Chick-Fil-A but the cow's sign still says eat more chikin. Look closely at the spelling and order of the progression of the change. You can find many people who remember it as Chik-Fil-A or Chic-Fil-A but very few remember both like me. I remember first it was Berenstein Bears then I remember Bernstein Bears and now it's Berenstain Bears. Also there are many geophysical changes and people who were dead are alive again here such as Billy Graham, Jane Goodall, Louie Anderson and many more. I think the clues given to us through some of the changes indicate who this is being done for. The movie Field of Dreams used to say If you build it they will come but now it says If you build it he will come. They are attempting to usher in the anti-christ, that is what they built CERN for. I also have had several supernatural events happen to me. In 1998 I died and came out of my body and went into the Light. I had to come back because I wasn't done yet. That was the thing that made me realize that we have a quantum consciousness and that reality is not what we think it is. In 2009 I was visited by an Angel. He appeared in my room late one night just as I was getting in bed. He was a tall white guy with medium length curly blonde hair and a medium length blondish reddish beard and striking blue eyes. He was wearing a white robe tied with a gold sash around the waist. He looked right at me and said " He shows you great favor! Why don't you serve Him?! Why don't you serve Him?!". So I believe that God shows me Great Favor and that favor allows me to see the truth and not be fooled. I think this is part of the strong delusion that would fool everyone, even God's elect if it were possible. You see it is not possible to fool the Elect of God because God allows them to see the truth. God is allowing our consciousness to expand beyond our immediate 3D space/time into the 5D probability space to see and know the truth. Remember Jesus Christ is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE.

  4. The root of the word "definitely" is the word "finite". Why would there ever have been an "a" in it?  
    And the heart of the matter: How can a person actually believe that their own minds are infallible?

  5. Daniel 7:25-27; And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time. 26But the judgment shall sit, and they shall take away his dominion, to consume and to destroy it unto the end.27And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him.

  6. This is one of the best videos on the Mandela effect I've seen and I loved how you go over the different possible causes and that it's from a Christian perspective. I so totally agree with you on excluding the first few. I was not too impressed with the final theory, though, but I think I read about something strange happening in 1999 before and that's when a lot of Mandela effects started happening. However, there have been Mandela effects even before then. For example, the famous picture of the tank man in Tiananmen Square. Many people have different memories about what happened, many vividly remember him being run over when that is not what happened officially. He was led off. Anyway, this happened in 1989, before 1999. Also, I didn't hear anything mentioned about celebrities people remember dying as being alive still. (Louis Anderson, John Goodman, Billy Graham for example). If we were all stuck in some time loop, how would you explain that? Also, the "changing" geography is not really explained by this theory. I am not sure what to think, I think it's time travel or someone messing with reality and the idea that thoughts affect reality. But the way you talked about mind control makes a lot of sense too. Still a great video though, even though I don't really agree with the conclusion.

  7. I also remember a red moon a while ago… I don't know why it was red. For the first time in my life it was red.

  8. Quantum suicide is bullshit! If it was quantum suicide, we would not have memories from our old world and not remember the memories from this world!

  9. Great video, subbed. I remember quite a few words that are now spelt differently, 'definitely' being one of them – I remember it as 'definately' – and I have always been incredibly particular where spelling is concerned, especially as a child. There are so many more words, and other instances, such as New Zealand being to the north east of Australia. I also have a strange 'Mandela effect' that is personal to me that happened as a child, it's imprinted in my mind, so vivid, no matter how much my Mum told me it never happened I've always known it to be true, even as a child I remember stubbornly insisting it did!

  10. Do you watch Enterthe5t4rz here on youtube? He does a lot of work on synchronicities.

  11. This is freaking crazy. @14:44 you talk about "Waking Life." I have never heard of this and don't know anything about it, but just a couple hours ago I was on another rabbit hole journey (I take them daily) and I swear I landed on a page talking about this! This is the page: I got there from looking up quotes that someone who I was chatting with here on YT put up. She was talking about how surreal life is now – how lines from songs are now understandable, but when the songs came out years ago didn't make sense. There is def. something bizarre going on. I remember vividly it being Berenstein Bears, Mirror Mirror, Sex IN the City, etc, etc.
    This video is very thought provoking. Thank you.

  12. The kjv of the lord's prayer has changed. The bible now says: "thy will be done in earth." It used to day "thy will be done on earth."

  13. When I was 15 I used to hitch hike all the time, day or night. Everyone was amazed I was never attacked, especially since it was my normal mode of transportation then. One time a black trucker picked me up. He let me sleep in his sleeper for several hours. Then we stopped at a truck stop and he bought me a coffee. After that he cursed and swore at me, telling me how much he really wanted to rape me but couldn't. Then he let me leave. Thanks for putting out the video. I saw that concentric circle depicted on the cover of the book you feature on your video. A few days later I saw what looked to be the moon, only it was the other side, and it appeared to be at least 100 times bigger if not more. It was massive and hung there for at least an hour. I only recently discovered the mandela a month or so ago. I had these visions back in February. I'm starting to think there's a relationship between these visions and the Mandela effect. I see random flashes all the time now too. It's interesting also that you wonder how much time we have left. So do I. I'm definately (ha ha, I know wrong spelling on this timeline) having a hard time planning for a future that seems so uncertain.

  14. Biggest Mandela Effect so far, 'The Flat Earth' Research before insults :)

  15. Whatever the reason why the mandela effect is happening, it is bringing people from all walks of life, lifestyles talking together (i am a trained typist and i type definately being a typist you had to be accurate)

  16. hey!! I'm noticing the stars twinkiling as well!! I live in Wisconsin in a small town so we see really bright stars, I have NEVER seen stars bright then dim before. great video!

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