Tough People Are Like Taxes – They Aren’t Going to Yield to Anything

There sure has been a lot of political discussion about taxes in the United States ever since President Barack Obama was elected, and indeed there is a good reason for it too. You see, when a president has high approval ratings, a lot of power and his political party controls both houses, they can push through just about anything, so when the president has stated that he wants universal health care, or rather health insurance for everybody, anyone that knows anything about public policy, taxation and government knows those are code words for increased taxes.

Now the president has promised that we will not raise taxes, well, maybe a little bit he said, so everyone can have health care insurance. But that’s not how things work in the real world. With the government and its programs they spend 45% of all the money they spend in administration of those programs. So therefore, it automatically costs 45% more than they had bargained for, or that their strategic plan reveals on the onset.

Additionally, if everyone has health care insurance, then everyone is going to use more medical services more. In fact, one research study shows that people will use medical services five times as much if they have full coverage. This means we are going to have a supply and demand problem with healthcare services in America and there will be shortages, there is already a shortage of nurses and now there will be a shortage of doctors, hospitals, elder care facilities, and just about everything that has to do with the medical industry.

Now, this is an incredible gift to the medical industry, the hospitals, the HMOs, pharmaceutical industry, and anyone else involved in healthcare, or anyone that makes medical equipment. But with all these gifts going to the medical industry, that also means higher taxes for all of us. How high you ask?

The sky is the limit and the government has the power to take as much as they need to administer the laws and promises they’ve made. Thomas Jefferson once had an interesting quote and I want you to memorize this; “Any Government Big Enough to Give You Everything You Want, Is Also Big Enough to Take Everything That You Have.”

Now, I’m not sure how much credibility you put in Thomas Jefferson, but he was a studier of governments in history and if we don’t listen to his words of wisdom we are doomed to repeat the history and failures of socialism, and quite frankly that’s just a shame for such a proud and noble nation as the United States of America. Please consider all this.

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